• Glimpses of Vashon
      Jensen Park
      Fisher Pond
      Lisabeula Park
      Burton Acres - Courtesy of Ralph Moore
      Point Robinson Orcas
      Point Robinson Lighthouse
      Agren Park
      Fern Cove
      Ober Park
      Vashon Pool
      Burton Acres Recreation Center
      Vashon Elementary School (VES) Fields
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      • Apr 5 - Dec 13, 2014
      • Nov 1, 2014
        Join the many friends of Captain Joe Wubbold for "The Great Captain Joe Roast Toast Party" to celebrate Joe's 80th birthday. There'll be big laughs, tall tales, and great music from Geordie's Byre, who will sing some salty sea shanties (say THAT 3 times fast!). Saturday, November 1st, from 6PM - 9PM at the O Space.
    • What's New
      • Point Robinson Lighthouse and Tramp Harbor Dock featured in new Volvo ad! If you look quickly, other familiar Vashon sites are featured, as well. The last park? -- not Ober (I studied the still frame to confirm). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5RawMdFfls&sns=em
      • The VES Field Project Rocks! The Vashon Rangers do their part to help our new fields by painting the parking lot rocks! You, too, can also contribute. Contact the Ober Park office today to find out how you can purchase a paver stone for the walkway -- complete with a personalized message of your choice!
      • Tune in to VoV Standing By at 1650AM on the radio for regular weather, ferry delays, and road closure updates. Vashon Park District holds the license for VoV Standing By, a Travelers Information -- and Emergency Broadcast -- Service for Vashon-Maury Islands. Pick up emergency bulletins at voiceofvashon.org and vashonbeprepared.org