• Glimpses of Vashon
      Jensen Park
      Fisher Pond
      Lisabeula Park
      Burton Acres - Courtesy of Ralph Moore
      Point Robinson Orcas
      Point Robinson Lighthouse
      Agren Park
      Fern Cove
      Ober Park
      Vashon Pool
      Burton Acres Recreation Center
      Vashon Elementary School (VES) Fields
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    • Community Events Calendar
      • Apr 5 - Dec 13, 2014
      • Jun 14 - Sep 1, 2014
        See Pool tab under "Facilities" for Details!
      • Jun 19 - Sep 4, 2014
        If you've never experienced the warmth of community at the cool nights of summer concerts in the park, you're in for a special treat. Join us for these magical evenings and enjoy the diversity of these amazing bands right here on Vashon Island. See full listing to the left for details.
      • Jul 14 - Aug 21, 2014
        Registration forms available under the Activities/Classes tab, submenu Adult and Youth Activities.
      • Jul 28 - Aug 1, 2014
        Play games! Go for hikes! Make art! Tell stories! Explore island forests and beaches! Designed to inspire fun play in the outdoors while learning about island ecosystems. Ages 7 - 11. For more information call Maria Metler 206.612.3034 or Land Trust 206.463.2644.
    • What's New
      • What's New??? The Vashon Park District website! THAT'S what's new! Many, many thanks to Kelly Schmidt for her hours of volunteer service in designing and setting up the new website format. Thank you, Kelly!!!
      • The VES Field Project Rocks! The Vashon Rangers do their part to help our new fields by painting the parking lot rocks! You, too, can also contribute. Contact the Ober Park office today to find out how you can purchase a paver stone for the walkway -- complete with a personalized message of your choice!
      • Tune in to VoV Standing By at 1650AM on the radio for regular weather, ferry delays, and road closure updates. Vashon Park District holds the license for VoV Standing By, a Travelers Information -- and Emergency Broadcast -- Service for Vashon-Maury Islands. Pick up emergency bulletins at voiceofvashon.org and vashonbeprepared.org